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Be your own interior designer!

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So I actually have similar ones that are Pendleton and I get so many compliments on them. Mine were a bit pricey so here is a more budget friendly option that are also super cute and functional. They are priced at $15.59 for four! Find them here.


Woven Wool Coasters

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I'm obsessed with these! I have them all over the house and on both doors and windows. Definitely an affordable security option at $9.70 for two. Find them here.



GE Home Security System

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I love these chairs so much! I did paint the legs of mine gold and you will see them in some of my gallery pictures and on my instagram. They are $175.99 for 4! Find them here.


Mid Century Mod Inspired Velvet Dining Chairs

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On sale at Anthropologie for only $9.95 with an EXTRA 25% off for a limited time. I picked up one of these at the Anthropologie in Red Bank, NJ. Can't wait to style it in my home.


Rattan-Wrapped Monogrammed Hook