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Hair Coloring with Overtone

Updated: May 20, 2019

So I'll start by saying that I am the person who never changes their hair color...ever. But, I decided to get highlights in my dark brown hair for my wedding and with the sun they have gotten even lighter. I like my hair to look as natural as possible so the contrast was bothering me. My friend told me about Overtone which is a product that is semi-permanent and will darken my highlights without using harsh chemicals. As someone who has sensitive skin I have to be super careful with what products I use but this one passed the test after checking out their site. Below is a picture of the before and after of my hair color. I used the color "Honey Brown" and it definitely darkened my highlights the way I needed it to. Putting the conditioner in my hair was easy, it smelled like delicious mint, and took only 10min. Let's just say I'll be doing this again. It was so fun and easy. I highly recommend. Click here to explore the Overtone site.

Before After

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