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How Can You Use Ulule?

Ulule: Empowering People to Take Action

What is Ulule?

Ulule is a crowdfunding site that helps creators turn their ideas into reality. Similar to Kickstarter, Ulule also allows for people to use their website as a platform to raise funds to start their business. The businesses that are primarily focused on are businesses with a sustainability component. Unlike many crowdsourcing platforms, Ulule is a B corporation and was one of the first French companies to be awarded this staus in 2015. This especially speaks to their dedication to decreasing our environmental footprint as a community.

Projects are easily created on their website’s platform and anyone and everyone can create a project. Ulule promotes diversity and inclusion. One of the many differentiating factors is that it is run by creators, for creators. Having a creative behind the scenes allows for an open mind, regardless of the upfront financials. This ties into their dedication to their community and environment, making both of these platforms even more important than making money. “A crowdfunding pioneer since 2010, Ulule has become the leading community-backed incubator of positive impact projects. To date, our community of 2.5 million members has brought 30,000 projects to life.”


Ulule has only a few requirements to submit a project:

· You are 18 years of age or older

· Live in a country using one of these currencies:€ (EUR), $ (USD ou CAD), CHF, or £ (BGP)

Steps to Create a Project

In order to apply for your idea to be published to Ulule, you will need to be answer these few questions: 1. What is your pitch?

2. Who is your project managed by?

3. What is the minimum amount you need to raise on Ulule?

4. What is your social media account associated with your project?

5. What will you offer to backers as rewards?

After these questions are answered, the user is then to complete a user profile which includes:

· Graphics

· Project description

· Reasons for funds

· About you page

· Days for project

· Fund goal


For project creation, Ulule takes a 5% commission only when a project succeeds (note that additional 3% transaction fees also apply) but actually submitting a project itself is free.

How Long Does It Take?

Ulule suggests between 30-40 days as the allotted time per project but the number of days is chosen by the project owner.


There are a few rules to follow when using Ulule:

· Be courteous

· Don’t harass or be abusive to other members

· Don’t post content that is obscene, racist, hateful, or offensive

· Ulule will only accept projects that are in the interest of the community or the social good

· No spamming

· Ulule will refuse projects that are currently fundraising on other crowdfunding services

· Don’t post copyrighted material without permission

Success Story

Ulule has an impressive 67 percent success rate compared to Kickstarter’s 31 percent. One example of their recent success was Hardbacon, a Montreal-based financial literacy startup. Hardbacon exceeded their crowdfunding goal by 500 percent on Ulule, allowing the founder to quit his day to day job in order to focus on this venture.




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