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Plants I Can Keep Alive

I just love houseplants and they can be so great for purifying the air in your home. But- how do you choose which plant is best for your home? I would say the first thing to check is what kind of light it needs. I have made that mistake quite a bit. It usually says on the tag at the store so make sure to check before purchase. I'm not someone who knows plants well but I definitely enjoy them in my home. Over the past year I have killed a few by accident so now here are the ones who have lived:

1. Panda Plant

So this one has tripled in height since I got it (off Amazon lol). Panda plants enjoy medium to bright light and need minimal water. This is probably why we got along well...but anyways this one is one of my favorites with its fuzzy leaves!

2. Aloe Vera

First off I love Aloe plants! They are so easy to keep alive and they always look so great. They like part sun or full sun and typically bloom in summer. The juice from their leaves can also be used to relieve pain from scrapes or burns. This aloe plant is Tom and I's wedding plant. We potted it together during our ceremony so I'm definitely trying to keep this one alive.

3. Aloe Juvenna

Ok another aloe plant...this one is also known as the tiger tooth aloe. It likes direct or partially shaded light. This one came from Lowe's and was with 5 other succulents in a pot and this is the lone survivor.

4. Devil's Ivy

Devils ivy is such a statement plant. It loves bright light and typically pests are not attracted to it (always a plus). This plant is pretty resilient which is needed in my home. The devil's ivy came from Lowes.

Ok so now where to buy cheap but awesome plants? I bought these on Amazon and they are still going strong AND they are only $15!!

Hope this helps a bit and make sure to always check how much light the plant needs!

Until next time!


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